Night Sky Empire (2010-2011)

Alternative Rock Band

Night Sky Empire was a 3-piece instrumental band formed in Johannesburg in May 2010. Their uniquely colourful, atmospheric and slow-burning rock sound spans several moods as their music meanders and shape-shifts with ease and joy... An enchanting melange of alternative/indie, progressive and freeform rock styles, including cinematic elements of post-rock.

Harry Hathorn - bass
Thato Knox - guitar
Cale Waddacor - drums

"A mash-up of rock sounds which keeps you intrigued" - Timothy Van Rensburg, Journalist (Mahala)

"The most exciting new band. It's beautiful" - Ben Rausch, DJ/VJ/Blogger (So Many Animal Calls blog)

"Good melodies and plenty of drive" - Bruce Dennill, Journalist (The Citizen)

"An emotional trip. Sit back and enjoy the melodic rollercoaster they take you on" - Sarah Pover, Journalist (LT Mag)

"An intensity of warmth, a deep heart" - Andrew Kydd, Designer/Musician

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