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A boutique affair with exciting local and international graffiti and street art content. The inaugural even took place on Saturday, November 17th at The Bioscope Independent Cinema in the Maboneng precinct of Johannesburg.

Featured artists, films and publications included; 2kil, Anser NineOne, Bief37, Bushy Wopp, Cale Waddacor, Conform, [CROP] Project, Dane Stops, Damn Vandal, Dekor One, Dreadr, Empty, Faith XLVII, Falko One, FOK, Footnotes in the City, Fresh Zine, Girl Power, Gmok, Graffiti South Africa, Jared Aufrichtig, Joff, MiB, Mook Lion, Myza420, Not Another Art Hub, Onlock, Painting Cape Town, Past Expereinces, Quest Boys, r1., Samora Chapman, Scrawble, Sonny.

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